How To Establish Yourself As An Expert In Any Industry

How To Establish Yourself As An Expert In Any Industry


Every professional strives to be known as an expert in their industry. Speaking engagements, industry panels, guest articles, seminars…the possibilities are endless.

When you are the expert in your field, people don’t want to only talk with you, they’ll often pay to hear what you have to say.

They trust you. They respect you. And they know that you can help them be better at what they do.

But the desire to be known as an expert should not be focused on fame and money. Very few experts became that way by being greedy or arrogant. In fact, it is the opposite.

They have a giving heart. A teaching spirit. A desire to share knowledge. And an overwhelming need to help others.

They do not teach because they are experts, they are experts because they teach.

When you understand where that expert status comes from you will see that it is easy to be known as an expert in your industry too.

People will come to you for answers. Bosses will talk to you about promotions. And other industry powerhouses will flock to your council.

Keep in mind that you do have to have advanced knowledge of your product, service, or industry. Although someone new could potentially be perceived as an expert, those who truly are will quickly see through the facade.

Below are a few resources you can use TODAY to start establishing yourself as an expert in your industry.

Sharing Industry Intelligence

Experts share industry intelligence. They show that they have their finger on the pulse of the market and do their best to keep others in the know.

However, it is almost impossible to know everything about everything in an industry. You probably don’t have time to sift through all the trade journals, online publications, and print publications out there.

Luckily there are ways to bring the information straight to you so you don’t have to hunt it down.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a great way to bring the information to you so you to be proactive instead of reactive with finding industry news.

You can set up a search query to happen as often as you want and be delivered right to your inbox about whichever keywords you choose.

When you see a story you think is interesting, or you think someone else will think is interesting you can share it.

You can post it to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, write about it on your professional blog, or best yet, email it to one of your customers or prospects.

This is what social selling is all about and a great way to build relationships and show that you are in tune with the market.

News Feeds

News feeds like LinkedIn Pulse or Google News are another great way to find industry news. Simply set up the category and select the news sources that are relevant to your industry to instantly populate your feed.

When you come across a story you found insightful, share it with your network.

Answering Questions

Experts answer questions.

If there’s one thing that an expert has it’s [correct] answers. So for obvious reason, it makes sense for you to answer questions when you can.

Experts are happy to help and share their knowledge when possible. As simple and mundane as a question might be, experts remember the time when they too had to ask the very same thing.

Asking questions is how you get on the road to being an expert. Once you arrive it’s important to pay it forward.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are a great place to answer industry questions from like-minded professionals.

Spend a few minutes searching for available groups on LinkedIn and join any that you feel you could provide value to. It’s also a great idea to join groups that your ideal prospects would be a part of too. When prospects see that you are an expert they will naturally think to go to you with a question about your product or service.

And of course, use LinkedIn Groups as a medium to share any great news stories you come across.

Industry Forums

Most industries have forums where like-minded individuals gather to discuss the latest trends and happen. There are also many people new to the industry that have questions which need answers.

Like LinkedIn Groups, these forums are highly targeted towards an industry.

If you’re unfamiliar with any forums in your industry do the simple Google Search below:

“your industry” intitle:forum

This should point you in the right direction.

Industry Panels

Industry panels are another great opportunity to answer questions from eager minds.

At times you have to already be considered an expert to join a panel since it makes no sense for someone to be up there who doesn’t know what they are talking about.

But if you are able to network your way into being seated on a panel it is a great way to share your knowledge and add to your status as an expert.

Giving Away Your Experience For Free

Experts give away their experience for FREE. This again is an aspect of paying it forward.

Sharing the trials and tribulations you went through to get to the level you are out helping others avoid the same mistakes.

I’m not saying you have to give away everything for free, or your trade secrets, but I do believe you should give away a vast majority for free.

Write (e)Books

Books are an excellent way to share your knowledge and experiences. Many industry experts have written books catered to their industry.

Even when experts have printed books that they sell, they often give away the eBook version for free.

In my FREE eBook Top 9 Tips For Using LinkedIn Like A Sales Pro, I expand on the things I’ve learned from other experts, tested out myself, and currently use. I let you have my knowledge and experience for FREE (I even say that in the download request).

Webinars & Seminars

For the sake of word count, I am going to refer to webinars and seminars both as “webinars”. In today’s world, I wouldn’t be surprised if more webinars are being held then live seminars every day.

Experts give webinars and teach others about their industry. Best practicestips, and tricks, where to go and who to talk to.

So if you are an expert in your industry, then you should be giving webinars.

Online knowledge sessions where you help prospects and clients with the problems they are having are an excellent way to be known as an expert. You give them easy to digest and implement techniques that they can use in the real world

The goal of these webinars is to help people. Not make sales. You want to help them because that is how you make relationships.

The thing is that you are rarely reinventing the wheel. You are simply taking your knowledge and experience and providing it in a 30-60 min bite-size chunk.

Be A Thought Leader

Experts are thought leaders. They make assumptions, voice their opinions, and are OK with being wrong every once in a while. Basically, they take chances and learn from them.

If you read a news article that you don’t agree with, comment on it. Share your alternative views with your network. Post them to LinkedIn Groups. Bring them up in Industry Forums. Stand out!

If you have an idea that would benefit the industry as a whole, submit an article on it. Write a blog post about it. Bring it up at an industry panel.

Challenge the status quo!

Start A Blog

I believe in blogging. I think you become more of an expert by writing your thoughts and experiences down.

Just like you learn better in school when you write out our notes instead of simply listening to a lecture, you gain more from your experiences by cataloging them.

Ideally, I suggest you start a blog? But that is not the only option.

Overall I do think you need to write. Submit articles to article directories such as EzineArticles, write press releases about your deals, guest post on others blogs, write LinkedIn Posts, just get your written words out there.

I do believe that starting your own blog is your best bet. It allows you to keep all of your shared knowledge in one place.

I know blogs aren’t for everyone but if you are serious about being an expert in your industry then a blog is a great way to get there.

If you have questions about starting your own blog or anything to do with being an expert in your industry then be sure to comment below or contact me directly.

~ Johnny Bravo

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