Month End Review – May 2013

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Month End Review – May 2013Since May has come to a close I’d like to do a quick review to discuss some of the major topics I posted in the last 4 weeks.

First of all if you’ve shared any of my post because you thought they were helpful, or worth sharing, I greatly appreciate it. It’s fans like you that help make The Sales Pro Blog what it is today.

Unlike April, I stuck to a 2-3 post a week cadence (except for the last hectic week I had) which I plan to keep moving forward unless I am specifically working on a series or special event.

I have still yet to highlight the results of my April Blitz for various reasons which I will explain in the post I have scheduled for next week most likely. So don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten.

As you can see there was a hodge pog of topics covered during May which was a bit off from my original plan.

I introduced two new series that I will continue through out the life of this site. 

The first being Property Management Software Sales In Los Angeles where I discuss the sales learning and take aways I get from my various meetings around the beautiful city of angels.

The second is my first Infographic titled “Best Prospecting Ideas”. If you can’t figure itout on your own this was designed by me. In the future of doing these I may call for outside help,but for now I enjoyed it and will continue to learn how to make them even better.

Let me know what you think of these two firsts along with the posts from the month of May.

May 2013

I hope you enjoyed these posts and learned something valuable you can use in your own sales career.

I’m really excited about my upcoming post featuring the April Blitz. Twice posts a day was not easy. But I was successful in my endeavor so for that I am grateful. Stay tuned for an update on that post release date.

Moving Forward

From here I am going to continue my posts two to three times a week. With content marketing it is important to be consistent in your delivery.

As for topics I am planning to focus on objection handling for the better part of a month.

How to qualify objections

– How to overcome objections

– How to define ALL objections you’re likely to come across

–  Create scripts for overcoming objections

– What objections really mean

– Beating them to the punch (“We’re rarely the least expensive, is that going to be a problem for you?)

– Alternatives to lowering price

These are just a few ideas I have on my mind that I’d love to get on paper. If you have any other suggestions be sure to let me know.

On a side note, if you have any sales tips or tricks you’d like me to showcase here on The Sales Pro Blog let me know either by commenting below, or letting me know on the using the contact page or any of the other various social media profiles, FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Pinterest. Be sure to join the conversation.

I hope to see you around and hear more from you.

~ Johnny Bravo

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Carlie Hamilton June 4, 2013 at 6:54 pm

Looking forward to your posts on objections. they sound useful!


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