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My Trade Show Follow Up ScriptsI recently attended a trade show known as RealShare LA as an exhibitor. Myself and a colleague presented ourselves and our company to answer any questions the attendees might have about our product.

I could go on and on about what to do at a trade show, especially when you have trade show giveaways to hand out, but today I want to skip to the good stuff and talk about what to do AFTERWARDS with the leads you got.

I’m sure you understand that you need to follow up. But if you’re visiting this site you may need a little help with HOW to follow up and what to say.

Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

How To Follow Up + A Free Script

The important thing to do is follow up quickly. No later than a week after the event. You want to be sure that any thing you reference in your conversation is still fresh in thier mind.

I recommend you use one of two ways to follow up (or both if you’ve scheduled specific time for prospecting).

The first is by email. I always recommend an email as your first touch because it is less intrusive than a phone call and if you’re trying to make a good impression you need to be respectful of a prospects time.

Below is the script I used for someone I was interested in doing business with.

Hi [Prospect], 

My name is Johnny Bravo. I know we’ve never met before, and I’m emailing you out of the blue here, but I wanted to introduce myself.

I was at the RealShare LA show yesterday as an exhibitor with MRI Software and I’m sorry to say I didn’t have a chance to sit in on your panel nor speak with you during the event. I’m sure it was as busy a day for you as it was for me. 

The reason I’m emailing you is because I thought we might have something to talk about. Not sure if you’re familiar with MRI but we provide enterprise level property management, real estate investment, financial, and development software.

Of course I’m sure you already have a great system in place and are happy enough but if you’re open to making sure your current set up and technology is competitive and appropriate let me know. 

We’ve put a lot of energy into making sure we have the best product on the market for companies like yours.

My contact information is below. If you’re open to a short 5-10 minute discussion I’d be happy to set aside some time for you. In the event I don’t hear from you in the next couple of days I’ll give you a call on [Two Days From Now] between 10-10:30AM so we can both plan our time.

Best Wishes,

It’s a little longer than I usually prefer but because of the relevance I thought it appropriate.

An Alternative Method To Email

There are always alternative prospecting methods to use when reaching out to leads. The second option for a trade show follow up is a method I propose all sales pros should use. Something so out of the ordinary to the norm that it just might get the attention you deserve.

And it’s a very simple idea. Write a hand written letter. This is a prospecting tool that I think is grossly underutilized.

Most professionals get dozens, if not hundreds of emails everyday. What about you?

So would it surprise you to know that your prospecting email may accidentally (or not so accidentally) be lost in the mix?

Sales Pro Blog Hand Written Letter: Trade Show

Then why not change it up for them. And provide a personalized, hand written letter?

If you look to the right you’ll see a note I recently wrote to a prospect whom was at the RealShare LA show I mentioned before.

On the front is a simple “Thank You” statement and I am 100% sincere in my words to them.

It is not often I get the reception I did when I first spoke with them so I thought it deserved a little more attention then a simple email could provide.

The difference? As of the date of this post, $0.46 plus the cost of an envelope. Not much when you consider the impact it might have on your sales funnel.

I hope these scripts and ideas help you in your sales prospecting. Knowning that there are lots of ways to follow up after a trade show I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below.

What has worked for you? What hasn’t?

~ Johnny Bravo

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