FREE 7-Day Sales Success Course + Introducing The Sales Pro Academy!

by Johnny Bravo

FREE 7-Day Sales Success Course + Introducing The Sales Pro Academy!You’ve probably been told that only a certain breed of person can be successful in sales. And that those who have found success are:

  • “hard closers”
  • “slick talkers”
  • “used car salesmen”
  • selling snake oil
  • not to be trusted
  • only out for themselves.

Lies, lies, lies.

Demystifying the sales profession has been a life long endeavor of mine. Second only to my desire to share, from my real world experience, the best advice and tips to help sales people be more successful and make more commission.

For the past four years I’ve worked hard to provide value to everyone who visits the Sales Pro Blog. But in the end there are still way to many people who view salespeople in the wrong light. This is why I created the Sales Success Course, a free email course from the Sales Pro Blog & Sales Pro Academy. 

Sales Pro Acade…what???

Yep that’s right, a brand new site devoted exclusively to the online courses from the Sales Pro Blog.

You can visit the site at

Right now I have my first two courses live and ready for eager sales pros to get their hands on. You can sign up for the free 7-Day Sales Success Course by clicking here.

Or become a Full Access student by click here.

And coming soon you’ll see my ultimate course to Get Your First Sales Job (with no prior experience).

Great, Now Tell Me More About This Free Course

It dawned me not so long ago that many non-salespeople view the sales profession with the above mentioned mentality. In reality this is because of a few bad apples that have tarnished the image of the sales profession. I don’t want you to be one of those bad apples. So I created this free course to help you be a valued partner to your clients, not a sales person to them.

The topics covered in the course are not always common knowledge. I remember how unsure of myself I was when I first started in sales. I wanted to make sales, but I didn’t want people to think I was too pushy. I also didn’t know what to say, how to say it, or most importantly why I was saying it.

I was lost.

And if you’re new to sales, you probably feel the same way; especially if those big commission checks haven’t started coming in yet. 

When I first fell in love with selling as a profession I scoured the internet looking for the best ways to sell, prospect, present proposals, and anything else I thought would be helpful.

The problem was that I was getting a lot of bad advice. There are still a lot of sales folks who believe in the hard sell mentality. But in today’s business world, no one wants to be pressured into buying. And since they now have unlimited access to knowledge with a simple google search for [“your product” review] they are in complete control of the buying process. Only coming to you when they need the last piece to the puzzle, price.

This course will arm you with the tools to push back and take control of the sales process. Not in a pushy way, but in a way that positions you as a consultant and advocate for the client.

Another thing I noticed as I was diving deeper and deeper into online resources for sales I started to realize a pattern. A lot of these “sales gurus” weren’t really even in the selling profession any more.

Yes they were still “selling” but they were selling their own products. They were the masters of their domain and they were selling from the perspective of a business owner, not a sales person. These are two very different world views.

So I decided to do something different and create a free course which comes from my experience selling as a professional, not as a business owner. I’m not simply regurgitating what these other guru’s are saying. I’m explaining, in detail, what I do on a daily basis that works.

So that’s what the free Sales Success Course is all about. It’s to help de-mystify what it takes to be successful in sales, including some of the basic tips you need to get a head start.

To start the FREE 7-Day email course and join the Sales Pro Academy go here.

 To Your Success,
~Johnny Bravo

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