Two Words To Eliminate From Your Sales Vocabulary

by Johnny Bravo · 3 comments

Two Words To Eliminate From Your Sales VocabularyWords have meaning beyond their definition. And they will always have a big impact on how you and your product are viewed.

Choosing your words wisely can mean the difference between spinning your wheels submitting proposals and earning your biggest commission ever.

What’s great about this concept is that it is so simple, this is going to be one of my shortest posts ever.

What you first need to consider is what are you actually telling your prospects with the words you use. Are you telling them that what they are buying has a cost that they can never recoup, or is it something that will have continued valued with a strong return on the money they spend today?

Which do you think most business people would prefer?

They want the greater value, they want the return. There’s no question about it. So why not accommodate their needs. A simple change in words may be all it takes.

So with that I implore you to eliminate two words from your vocabulary; cost and price.

Your products no longer have a cost. You can never price them out again. They are not an expense.

Instead I want you to forever explain your products has being an investment. Something with continued value and is worth well more then the dollar amount today.

By making this one small change the dollar amount of your product takes on a whole new meaning.

In your emails, proposals, conversations, demonstrations, and daily life. Anytime you are trying to sell something, remember that the person you want to buy wants to make an investment, not pay a price.

~ Johnny Bravo

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Arleen September 26, 2013 at 6:08 pm

I like your idea of using your investment. It is a better way to market my products then having price driven. I sell promotional products, and the truth is that when you purchase them you are getting out your brand so it is an investment. Not going to forget this one.


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