Use Your Professional Brand, Everywhere

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Use Your Professional Brand, EverywhereWhen it comes to professional brand development, the actual development part is only half the battle.

Once you’ve defined your brand it’s important that you use it in ALL your communications. ~Tweet This!

And of course, consistency is key so make sure it is consistent across all your marketing and branding.

This includes both offline and online communications.

The same logo should be used, the same colors, the same tag line. This is paramount to building a strong brand.

For example, your blog and social media profiles should all have the same look and feel because of the imagery you use.

Take The Sales Pro Blog header and Facebook cover photo. Same thing right?

If you make SlideShare decks or write eBooks be sure that your professional brand is consistent within them as well. And have your logo and/or tag line on EVERY page.

You want your prospects to see your name everywhere. And a big part of that is consistency.

If you don’t use the same brand message across all the mediums you are likely to confuse your audience, and diffuse your brand’s strength.

Using it everywhere, for everything, ensures a much stronger brand message is put in front of all your prospects.

Let me know if you have any other ideas for making sure your brand is everywhere.

~ Johnny Bravo

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