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The Sales Pro Blog was created to help sales people be more successful in their career. As someone who's held most every sales position there is, I draw from my 15+ years of experience to show you what works and what doesn't in the sales profession. I believe in a world where sales people are regarded as the most important consultant a business can have. Where they use their expertise to help business get to the next level.

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Sales. Prospecting. Trade Shows.


How The Sales Pro Blog Came To Be

My professional experience has always been in sales. Even before going to college I was selling private training lessons while teaching martial arts.

While at UCLA and for 5 years after I helped corporate travelers with their housing needs as an inside sales person.

This is when I fell in love with sales.

It was during that time early in my career that I realized we are all in sales. Every day, in every interaction we are selling. And with that realization came a passion to help others be successful in their own sales career.

My experience spans multiple industries, sales methodologies, and economic realities. The advice I give and the information I proivde are not created in a vacuum. They have already been tried and held true in the real world.