Sales Gifts, The Right Way

Sales gifts are a prospecting tool that many sales professionals utilize.

Obviously, you don’t want to cross the boundary of bribery by offering flat-screen TVs or season tickets to the Los Angeles Lakers.But little, clever gifts can go a long way to keep you top of mind with your prospects and customers.

Obviously, they can be sent out as prospecting tools or maybe you send current customers birthday gifts or holiday gifts. If you’re a true sales pro you may know anniversary dates or children s birth dates.

There are plenty of reasons to send out gifts. But doing it effectively is what we’re going to talk about today.

I’m sorry to say that sending out a branded pen or hat won’t cut it anymore. You have to be creative when sending gifts because it is an opportunity to really stand out, or get lost in the shuffle.

Be Different

How many times have you received a vendor hat, pen, LED light, key chain, or mug? Yeah me too.

And although I like most of these trinkets, I almost never use them. And often its something I throw away pretty quickly. Sorry but I rarely wear hats as it is. What reason would I have to wear one with your logo blasted all over it?

These types of gifts have been around for a long time. They won’t help you stand out in the pile of other mugs, hats, and pens.

But good news, there are better options.

Instead of sending pens, why don’t you send a stylus pen? You know the ones that can be used on tablets or touchscreen devices? My company, MRI Software, partners with a vendor called DocuSign (they do electronic document signatures). During our last company sales meeting, they gave us a whole bunch of stylus and cleaning cloths.

Believe me…those gifts were eaten up. Everyone who had a tablet loved them. And when I got my iPad Mini I loved having that stylus to use.

Don’t Make It About You

The stylus was a very unique gift, not only because it was different but because it wasn’t solely meant as a marketing piece.

It wasn’t some ugly company color with a huge logo; It was a simple white, with a small logo on the side. Trust me, DocuSign is very much top of mind every day when I use it.

And when I’m meeting with clients I often get asked about my stylus.

Which gives me an awesome avenue to talk about our product offers that include online signatures and renewals like resident portals for example

Their sales gift is helping them AND me sell. How awesome is that!

Another great gift which I think is very usable is flash drives. Everyone loves having a portable USB drive on them for whatever file saving may arrise.

Even better, one that can go on a keychain will be sure to keep your brand top of mind every day they use their keys aka daily

Think outside the box and I’m sure you’ll come up with some great ideas for small gifts to send.

He Shoots, He SCORES!

When sending sales gifts, make them unique in the sense that whoever you give it too won’t want to throw it away.

I’ve gotten pretty good at throwing boring sales gifts away into the trash across the room.

You can send something like a Rubix cube with a message about a pain that is puzzling them.

Or maybe a squirt gun they can give to a kid (everyone knows someone with a kid if they don’t have any themselves) with a message like “are you soaked with too many missed prospects, I can help”

Don’t send something that is easy to throw away like a pen or ugly hat.

Remember, be Different.

What sales gifts do you send or give out? Have you had luck with some more than others? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear what unique sales gifts you’re using

~Johnny Bravo

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