Struggling In A New Sales Job? This Will Help.A SPB reader recently reached out to me with some trouble he’s having in his new sales job. It’s a commission only, business development role and he’s struggling.

A lot.

First of all, from my experience, the thing that many sales people don’t realize (including myself once upon a time) is that full business development/commission only roles are incredibly difficult for a new sales person to take on. Valuable experience but rarely does a rep last long in their first business development role.

Those who are successful often already have a lot of industry experience, a lot of contacts in the industry, or are with a major brand name/large company that can support their prospecting efforts with incoming leads and/or other marketing initiaves.

Now I’m not saying someone can’t be successful without the above criteria. It’s absolutely possible, just rare I would say.

And from what the reader told me about himself, he most definitely could be successful. It just is going to take a lot of work and a little more creativity.

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Why You Should Never Tell Clients You’re Swamped (And What To Say Instead)At times it seems that life is a never ending battle of too much to do and not enough time to do it all. And it seems that we (Americans at least) are OK with that.

In fact, a recent article by Patricia Reaney over at Reuters says that according an interview with Vanity Fair editor-at-large Cullen Murphy “…there is a kind of bedrock faith in the idea that working hard pays off.”  

This makes sense since we’re all told that mantra from a very early age. The problem I see though is that while keeping busy and working hard we are creating situations where we are TOO BUSY.

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And that in turn directly affects our customers. At times, we are so busy that there is a lag between a question from them and an answer from us. And when you consider today’s mindset of needing instant gratification this can have dire consequences.

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Knowledge Is Power…Unless It’s Missing One Of These Things

From a young age I remember being told “knowledge is power“. My parents, teachers, friends, coworkers, bosses, clients, vendors, etc had all told me this at some point. Heck, even Jeopardy told me one time. And while this is certainly true in most situations, there are times where it’s definitely not. Having knowledge of a stock going up […]

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The Art Of The Interview Follow Up Email [Infographic]

Interview follow up emails are now the go-to delivery method of the current generation of job seekers. They’re fast, easy, and most importantly cheap. And while they may seem pretty straight forward there is an art to sending an effective follow up email. Simply sending one from your iPhone won’t do; and could do more harm than […]

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