Interview Follow Up Email [Templates & Samples Included]The interview follow up email is now the go-to delivery system of the current generation of job seekers. They’re fast, easy, and most importantly cheap. They have also grown in popularity over handwritten follow up emails.

And while I won’t go into the merits of handwritten notes (I do that here) I will provide you with the tools and know-how to successful send your next interview follow up email whenever that may be.

Imagine you just came out of an interview and aced it. Your answers were on-point, your rapport with the hiring manager was palatable, and you have clear next steps for the interview process.

You may think that your job is done until those agreed next steps but you have a great opportunity to really stand out from the crowd with the right action.

An interview follow up email is a fast, easy way to stay top of mind with the hiring manager and highlight the key areas that make you the right fit for that position. [click to continue…]


Everythings Your CEO Wants You To Do At Your Annual Sales MeetingWith the New Year upon us you may have already started packing for your company’s annual sales meeting. This event is meant to bring the entire sales team together to share organizational goals, new initiatives, upcoming products, and basic best practices from the field.

You would think that most salespeople are excited for this event. It is a great time to see colleagues, rub elbows with leadership, and find out about goals and initiatives for the new year. However many sales people don’t feel this way.

They actually dread the time away from the field which is replaced by meetings and presentations all day long. The travel time needed and the event as a whole will take up time that could be better spent selling and earning commission.

And although that is a valid concern, an annual sales meeting is meant to do one thing. Help the entire company and sales team make more money.

This is why massive resources are used to make the meeting as productive as possible. This goal goes all the way up to the CEO  who is directly affected by how effective (or ineffective) an annual sales meeting is. They put blood, sweat, and tears into making the sales kick-off be the best possible. Therefore it’s fair for them to ask that the entire sales team put in the same amount of effort.

Today you’ll learn how to get the most out of your annual sales meeting, impress your CEO, and get through all those presentations unscathed.

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Why You Don’t Want To Finish First This Year

The professional sales race is rarely about finishing first. In fact it’s more often about finishing last because the rep that has the last deal come in also had the most amount of time to know exactly what was needed to be at the top of the leaderboard. And they know that sales leadership will always look at the […]

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Creating The Ultimate Sales Resource Site

If you’ve been a visitor to the Sales Pro Blog for any length of time then you’ll notice that recently I’ve been posting a lot less. There are a myriad of reasons for this but when it really comes down to it I am using up my time on other things. Most specifically on work […]

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This One Quarterly Activity Will Help You Be A Better Sales Person

For many sales people the last quarter of the year tends to be a busy one. Companies are trying to spend what they have left in their budgets in preparation for the new year. And because of this the last few months find sales people bombarded with deals. There are worse things that can happen for sure, […]

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This Is What You’re Doing Wrong In PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a standard sales tool that most professionals use during their presentations. In the right hands, with the right presenter, PowerPoint can start an emotional and thought provoking conversation. Used correctly it will allow you to make a real and lasting connection with your audience in a way that showcases the value of what […]

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What Your Out-Of-Office Is Missing

I recently took over a new account base which has significantly broaden the geographic territory I manage. This in turn has caused me to travel a bit more. In fact, for the last couple of months I have been “out of the office” at least once every week and usually more. While writing this post for […]

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A Great Way To Teach Your Clients To Sell For You

I recently had the opportunity to attend a seminar hosted by a local small business owner. I wholeheartedly believe in using seminars and webinars for content marketing so when possible I like to see how others are doing it. This particular session was hosted by a local chiropractor (yes mine) who I know has been […]

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