Welcome to The Sales Pro Blog Resource Page. Here you'll find many of the tools and sites I use to build The Sales Pro Blog. Feel free to Bookmark This Page (Control+D) so you can quickly come back if needed. Disclaimer: Some of the below links are affiliate links and if you click on them and purchase the product I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. These are sites and products I personally use to build, grow, and maintain The Sales Pro Blog. I truly believe they are great products which are useful to any blogger or sales pro. If you do purchase through my link then I give my sincerest thanks. It's people like you that help me keep this site going and that give encouragement to everything I do. But please, only buy these products if you see the value in them, NOT because I said so. 

Sales Pro Blog Exclusives

How To Setup And Use LinkedIn Intro - Detailed PDF instructions with pictures to help you set up and install LinkedIn Intro in less than a minute.

Guest Posts

Career Attraction - The Definitive Guide To Standing Out Before, During, and After A Career Fair Career Attraction - How To Sell Your Brand To Potential Employeers Career Attraction - Want To Nail That Interview? Do Your Research First Career Attraction - When It Comes to Salary, You're Only Worth What You're Willing To Accept

Blogging & Hosting

Bluehost - The Sales Pro Blog is hosted through Bluehost. Their prices are competitive, their service is stellar, and their interface is easy to use. I highly recommend them as a hosting company. Thesis Theme - This site is built using the Thesis Theme. It is a very easy to use, fully customizable Wordpress theme. Aweber - This is the email subscription service I use for The Sales Pro Blog. Very easy to understand and set up.


Free Digital Photos.net - This is my go to site when I need free high quality images to use on The Sales Pro Blog. All you have to do is add a provided photo credit on the page it is posted on. See below for an example of the photo credit. Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn - Pat is the reason I started blogging. He is an incredibly successful online entrepreneur who has the true heart of a teacher. His tips and tricks, life lessons, and monthly income reports set a high bar for anyone trying to be successful in the online world.


How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie - A classic book that EVERY sales professional should read. Follow the instructions in the beginning and you will substantially increase the knowledge gained by reading this book.   The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes - I won't lie. I was skeptical at first when I got this book. But when I started reading I couldn't stop. Chet gives some amazing ideas to increase your sales and grow your business. Take a look around The Sales Pro Blog and you may notice many things from his education based marketing idea.   The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey - This is a classic book which every professional should read. Stephen R. Covey gives advice that will help you live a happy, fulfilling, and effective life.

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