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Sales is an extremely broad industry. There are so many sales techniques, strategies, methods that it can some times be hard to know where to begin. To help you out I’ve included some of my favorite posts which would be best for you to share to get the message out about any one subject.

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Tweet This! ~ Assess yourself, try something new, and stay competitive.

Tweet This!  ~ Trust is something that can ONLY be given.

Tweet This! ~ You are the expert on the product of you.

Tweet This! ~ If you don’t already, use Click To Tweet in all your post!

Tweet This! ~ The concept: never, ever negotiate on a single concession. 

Tweet This! ~ Your LinkedIn profile is not your resume. Don’t treat it like one. 

Tweet This! ~ A “great idea” is only great if it is actually put into action. 

Tweet This! ~ Once you’ve defined your brand it’s important that you use it in ALL your communications. 

Tweet This! ~ The key to sales training is consistently reinforcing new and old skills 

Tweet This! ~ It’s up to you to make your professional brand happen. 

Tweet This! ~ If it’s not in Salesforce it doesn’t exists.

Tweet This! ~ When it’s an option, shadowing in your sales training program is a must have.

Tweet This! ~ When you find a prospect’s LinkedIn profile page study it like the final is tomorrow. 

Tweet This! ~ Sales is an art and a science. To say you know everything means you don’t know enough.

Tweet This! ~ Remember, every “NO!” is one step closer to a “YES!”

Tweet This! ~ Every NO you get, is one call closer to a YES!

Tweet This! ~ To have a successful sales team you need to train them consistently and on attributes that can be measured and refined.

Tweet This! ~ Hire for potential, not skill. 

Tweet This! ~ For the average sales person, knowing as much as they can about the industry they are selling into is paramount to success.

Tweet This! ~ Aiming high will put you in front of the people who make the decisions to do business with you

Tweet This! ~ Build trust, the rest will follow

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