The Easiest Way To Get Fired In Sales

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The Easiest Way To Get Fired In SalesWhen I first became serious about sales training I was given a piece of advice that really struck home with me.

It was such a simple concept and is easy to explain so this is going to be a short post. But I don’t think you’ll be disappointed because it’s a valuable one none the less.

The advice came during a one-on-one session with my sales manager at the time. I’m paraphrasing but the advice went something like this.

I’m a pretty laid back guy. I let you and the rest of the sales team do as you like. I’m ok with you making your own schedules and prospecting when you want. And as long as you make your numbers I’ll continue to let you do your own thing. But there is one thing that will never be OK. And if I get a call that you are doing it, there will be a serious problem.

I don’t ever want to hear from a client or prospect that you aren’t calling them back.

Always Call Them Back

As I mentioned, this is a very simple concept but one that some sales people ignore. If a client or prospect calls or emails you there is probably a good reason.

Do not ignroe them. Even if you messed up in some way. Be a professional and admit your mistake or at least hear the other person out.

Don’t avoid returning their calls or answering their emails. That is just plain disrespectful and will not showcase you as a sales professional.

Manage Expectations

As a sales person you are likely going to run into situations where you don’t have an answer to a customers question. So you figure you’ll wait to return their calls when you do.

Bad idea. Because although you may know that you don’t have an answer, they probably think it is just an answer you don’t want to tell them.

This is easily avoided by keeping in touch to let them know that you don’t have an answer yet, who or what you’re waiting on, and when you expect to have the answer to them.

By simply managing their expectations you will avoid any thoughts that you are purposely not getting back to your customers or prospects.

And if your sales manager is like mine was, this is the easiest way for you to get fired.

~ Johnny Bravo

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