A Video Is Worth A Thousand Posts

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A Video Is Worth A Thousand PostsBehind Google, YouTube is the #2 search engine today.

So to no surprise it is highly recommended that you include videos in your overall online brand management tool kit.

Videos are one of the best ways to showcase your expertise in an industry.

There is a lot that viewers can learn about you as a sales pro from watching your videos.

And videos allow you to showcase not only what you know, but how you deliver the message.

Are you confident? Are you passionate? Do you present yourself in a manner respective of your field?

All important aspects when someone is deciding to trust you.

Video is unique in that it can showcase all these things in a short time period.

Your Personality On Video

Video is a great way to show your readers viewers the kind of person you are. Your personality, your laugh, your overall demeanor.

All of which are important to establish a relationship with anyone who comes across your site or YouTube channel.

Your visitors  want to know you’re human. That you are likable. And that you are just like them. Normal…

Remember that your professional brand is all about you and the impression you want to give. Naturally you want your personality to be consistent through all of your channels.

YouTube will help you do just that.

SEO Influences From YouTube

Because YouTube is the #2 search engine, and it is owned by Google, it is obvious that there are SEO implications with having videos on your blog or website.

When posting videos to YouTube and sharing on your site, be sure to provide appropriate keyword terms in the title and descriptions for the videos.

In addition don’t forget to include a link in the description directly to your site. This aids in adding valuable linkjuice to your site or blog.

YouTube Video Length
As a general rule I recommend you keep videos short and sweet. 30 seconds to 2 minutes is preferable. Any longer and you risk losing your audience’s attention.

Remember, we are in a culture of ADD. You need to captivate and keep attention as quickly as possible. You don’t have long so get to the point quickly.

Set The Scene

Believe it or not it is not necessary to spend a Hollywood size budget making your videos. You can make high quality videos on a shoestring budget. I know I do.

For the videos I’ve made in the past I have not spent a dime on production or editing. There are plenty of free tools available that will help you make professional videos. YouTube even has a free editor that works great for basic functions.

For filming I use my iPhone 4. And for a microphone I use my earbuds.

Actually I take that back. I did spend $10 on a cool little tripod to hold my iPhone when I’m filming. But before that I simply stood the phone on it’s side and it worked perfectly fine.

Below are some tips for better, high quality, low cost videos that you can use to develop your professional brand on YouTube.

Choose Your Background Wisely

For your background I would lean towards the side of less is more. Standing in front of a plain off white wall will work well enough for your videos.

Try not to have too “busy” of a background that could distract from your message.

The point is that you want to keep your background simple.


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your videos. Too little light and your videos will be dark and out of focus. Too much and you’ll look washed out with hard shadows.

To fix this you don’t need anything too fancy. A lamp or two at head level behind the camera will work well.

If you’re able to put a light material between you and the lamp all the better since it will soften the light. This helps make sure you do not have any hard lines or shadows.


Sound quality and volume should be a central focus for your videos. Obviously make sure windows are closed, phones are off, and that you will not be distracted during videos.

If you can, try record your videos in a carpeted room. From my experience hardwood floors create too many echoes that don’t come off well in video.

If you’re using an iPhone (like I do) for recording, use your earbuds to increase the sound quality of the videos.

You are more than welcome to purchase an inexpensive microphones if you want, but I have been happy with the results of using my earbuds to record.

Next month I plan to add some videos to The Sales Pro blog after my April Blitz. So I’ll be diving in a little more on my process for creating the videos as it relates to developing a professional brand through video.

See you around.

~ Johnny Bravo

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