6 Reasons You Don’t Have A Future In Sales

by Johnny Bravo · 2 comments

6 Reasons You Don't Have A Future In SalesI don’t know what your views of the sales profession are. They might be good or they might be bad.

You may hear salesman and think “car salesman”. You might hear salesman and think “Steve Jobs”.

Sales is one of those rare professions that can encompass the entire job spectrum. The good through the bad.

Keep in mind that my goal is not to discourage you from the sales profession. Quite the opposite.

This site was created for the purpose of helping people get into and be successful in sales. But for career choice, reality will set in eventually. I want to make sure that happens before it’s too late.

After all, there are times when sales is the most rewarding (mentally and monetarily) profession out there. You have salary, commissions, business expenses, company laptop, etc.

And at times it is the most stressful job you’ve ever had. You have quotas, activity based pay, territory reviews, contract negotiations, etc.

No matter what, if you choose to be in the sales profession you have to understand that the good comes with the bad.

A Quick Test

Take a moment and think….SALESMAN…ok what came to mind? Was it good or bad? Your first thought may be one of a few reasons sales is not the right profession for you.

And that’s ok. Don’t be hurt. There might be many professions you aren’t the right fit for. Such as:

  • Cat Behavior Consultant
  • Bride Kidnapping Expert
  • Shredded Cheese Authority
  • Hotdog Choreographer
  • Ex-moonshiner

If you’re wondering; no I am not that creative. I got those ideas here.

And although those are unrealistic jobs that you probably aren’t the right fit for, there is someone out there who is…apparently.

I’m not going to lie. There are times when I question being a sales person. I think “Is this what I really want? Is the money worth it? Can I handle the pressure?”

This is not uncommon for most sales professionals. If they say anything to the contrary I call bull shit.

6 Reasons You Might Not Be Right For The Sales Profession

You don’t like talking to people you don’t know. Sorry but this is pretty much required for anyone in sales. Inside sales takes inbound leads from people they don’t know and may never meet. Outside sales are on the constant hunt for prospecting leads at networking and trade shows events

You don’t like high pressure jobs. If quarterly quotas, territory reviews, or minimum targets aren’t your thing; sales may not be your ideal profession. Even as a software sales executive in a very high demand industry there is a lot of pressure to attain a sales goal every month. And I promise you, that pressure comes from the very top. If that’s something you can’t handle, sales is a no go for you.

You prefer sitting behind a desk. Yeah…although the average salesperson will tell you that they spend too much time at the desk, in front of the computer, looking at reports; the truth is that sales is not a desk job. If you prefer to be in an office and in front of a computer most of the time, sales will not be ideal.

You like processes and steps. As many so called “sales pros” as there are out there with sales processes as simple as 1-2-3, there are just as many failing sales professionals. Sales is not always that easy. I too talk about 5 step processes, or 9 top tricks. The thing is that these skills take time to develop. With practice and persistence can you effectively use every tip I provide…maybe. Does everyone live that long…no.

You don’t like rejection. Not taking rejection seriously is a big part of being successful in sales. I prospect everyday. And I get rejected EVERY SINGLE DAY. Do I take it personally? No of course not. Do I call back? Absolutely!

You don’t have  strong internal drive. I know it’s hard to admit this one. But luckily for you no one has to know. I believe that the meaning in life is to find something you love and then to find someone to pay you for it.  If there is not a burning desire inside you to prospect, sell, negotiate, and close; sales may not be right for you.

There Are Varying Degrees Of Sales Jobs

Remember what I asked in the beginning of this post? When you think SALESMAN what comes to mind? Is it good or bad?

One of the reasons is might be bad is because you don’t know the full extent to sales. Keep in mind that many of the sales jobs you might be thinking about are very transactional. They are very process oriented, have low value and high replacement rates (easy jobs to fill), and are very low risk.

This is the kind of position I had when I was a sales representative for RadioShack. It was a retail sales position that sold to a warm clientele. They came in looking for something specific. RadioShack did not require me to sell. It required me to take orders.

On the contrary, the sales position I am currently in is much more consultative and requires me to learn enough about my clients to fix their problems using my available products. In all honesty it is a higher paying job (wage and commission) but requires a much higher level of technique and risk.

And there are still more “advance” sales jobs that require a high level of strategic marketing to get yourself in front of your prospects. Working as both an account manager and business development professional, you have to market yourself at the highest level to find the best clients.


What Do You Think?

Is sales right for you? Do you think you have what it takes?

I think you do.

You’re here aren’t you? As I mentioned in my very first article, this site was created for people just like you. New to the sales profession and in need of a little direction.

Even if you decide that sales is not the direction you want to go. You’ll be one step closer to your dream job.

Here’s to your success,

~ Johnny Bravo

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Garlynne May 23, 2015 at 1:10 pm

I do not entirely agree with this article. Sure, sales is a can be a crappy profession in many facets. When you are a salesman for a company you really cannot make that much money. The way COMP plans work in most companies, they are calculated according to a very stringent set of metrics. Companies will not allow their force to make much more than management. Besides, sales jobs often entail abundant Micro-management which can and will be draining to your esteem, incentive and determination. You are always being watched! And not in a comforting way.

Whatever profession you choose in life, in the end, you will be remembered and regarded as just that vocation you chose. You were a Salesman! You were most likely a bottom-feeder throughout your life trying to eek out a living among competitive and hostile coworkers.


Johnny Bravo July 9, 2015 at 9:13 am

Garlynne, sadly there are companies that are exactly as you describe. I can only assume you have (or do) work for one. But in my experience that is more often the exception then the rule.

In terms of income, I have been successful enough to support my family on a single income in Los Angeles, one of the most expensive cities to live in in the US. And I do know of many sales reps who make more than their managers every once in a while. But throughout the year it is more common for a Sales Manager to make more then her reps because she gets a % of the reps commission. For example if a rep makes a $1,000 commission for a sale, the manager might make $200 to $300 for that sale. If they have 4+ reps then its not hard for the manager to make more than an individual rep. But more often than not, individual reps make more per sale then a manager will.

You are right that a job is a job. If you don’t like your sales job, don’t think you’re making enough money, being micro-manage, too stressed, not motivated, etc then it might be time to find a new job. Find a company you enjoy working for and that can comfortably provide for you and yours. The above situation you describe can be any company, in any industry. Thanks for your thoughts and comments.


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